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This movie was the shit! You rock! Keep the fucked up shit up coming and don't lose your fucked up sense of humor!

From what I saw...

From what I saw (which is the loading screen) the movie is shit... OF course im still on the goddamn loading screen... Before you put another movie up make sure all the lose ends are tied up... Everyone says they have XP and so do I... Is there anyone who doesnt have XP that can see this?


FUCK YOU HELLBLOW YOU FUCKING MORON! Can't you see this guy put hard work into this! You know the Humor doesn't deserve a fucking zero you fuckin retard! Go fucking try and make your own movie! Wait whats that, exactly you can't. You know why? Cause you a dumbass!

Good movie I found it funny. Good motion and I admire your skill in making the sticks move like they were really skating. All the dumbass' who give you very low ratings and blam this don't know what the fuck they are talking about. Keep up the good work. I give you a 4 because there's no 3.5 and 3 isn't generous enough. Ignore the bad things that are said about the movie because they arn't true and make another one except the next one try to make it really funny, and put more scenes. Also put objects going past him to make him look like he's moving. Don't bother with the cloud just let it stand there or let it move slowly across the sky.



This is very disappointing... You ruin Megaman with this. First off your background was horrible which didn't make up for the fact that you used sprites... It looked like the road went on for miles. It wouldn't of been so bad if your background was at least worked on for more then 5 minutes. Also the story was pointless... Like come on, in the end we all know Megaman could kill Zero. Anyways keep trying. ill give you a 2 seeing as there is no 2.5 and 3 is way too generous.

My Perspective...

In this type of flash I don't consider the graphics or sound much. I mostly consider the story. This is why I figure we should have a plot or story rating in the ratings system. For this movie I am ignoring all of the gfx, sounds... etc. ratings and putting in my own rating which is Plot. I can tell you that you wanted to tell a story more then you wanted to prove your skills in flash. You used your ability of flash to tell this story. What a great story it was too. A story about how freedom isn't free... We usually regret the freedom we have to do things like go out and view the beautiful world we live in. However in this flash the girl, "Suzy" cannot even go out and see the world for what it really is. Freedom isn't free here. She attempts to get out and be free but gets shot. Just imagine yourself not being able to go places and view natures beauty. Imagine yourself stuck in a building your whole life and living your life by the ways of how somebody else wants you too live. In the end I think it shows Suzy in some sort of paradise... (Has to be Heaven) She is finally free and looks more happy then when she took the pills. This is my view of this and doesn't have to be everyones view. I give this flash a perfect 5 all because of the story. For anyone who blams this or gives it a low rating because of the sound or graphics or because most of it was in black and white I recommend you should consider the plot next time even if there isn't a rating on it.

Pretty crappy...

Theres crappyness in the air. You need a lot of practice dude. Keep up the work.


Awesome usage of paper drawings combined with real flash. Especially when the dude when flying from the drawing of the window and the fire made by flash coming out. Awesome ideas. Although there were some parts that I thought... it was me i'd be caught for sure. Because like common the guy would hear someone jumping to the ground. Its good that he did get caught after though cuz then theres the fight seens and all. In conclusion I say you make more!


Like the dude before me said awesome animation and effects but you gotta get better music... Something more rockish and violent... Try something by like Papa Roach, or Hoobastank. Just some suggestions.


Its like the evolution of sticks!!! That was like 50 times better then Xiao Xiao! I think this deserves to be at the top for such amazing animation! I needed that so much seeing as a lot of the animation around here is only sticks... It gets me so pissed when people use sticks because they are so over-used. Keep working at it my man and soon you'll be at the top!

i wasn't laughing....

I thought it was retarded... The guy shits out blood and cards...

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