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so very disapointed

WHERE ARE THE FINAL FANTASY CHARACTERS!!! I should blam this right here on the spot... But I can't because the movie was too damn well made... Without the Final Fantasy Characters though this flash isn't perfect... Too much Nintendo not enough Playstation... there isn't even Sonic the hedgehog...

Great idea...

I really like the constant beating on dave and the fact that I hate the chipmunks makes me like this video even more. Turning them into drug loving alchohol abusive dirty violent chipmunks was a great idea! Love the rhymes as well.

Very well done.

This movie is a 10 thumbs up! The voices are so amusing and the part with the subtitles had me laughing. This movie has everything. At first it reminded me of stick people but then I accepted them. Its worth the watch, can't wait for part 2.


Its amazing but the replay button isn't working for me and the sticks make things look awful... But at least you put an amazing amount of detail into their faces. Done very well..


THAT WAS SOME FUNNY SHIT! Nice boots lmao.


That was some funny shit.

what in the blue hell are you taking about KWAS71KCK? Never ever review something as good as this again until you try making your own flash, man. you are BEYOND crap man.

keep up the awesome work dude... lmao the part with serperate was funny as hell.


Awesome... You obviously put a lot of work into your graphics and such... next time work on the plot... the plot is the same thing as the game... if you gonna base it on the movie next time try using a main character and putting more thought into the plot... also use less bullet timing... your ruining the idea by doing it so much.


I was laughin at all the sarcastic-ness... Make more of these movies.


The best part was clicking on the Women's Bathroom sign over and over to make it sound cool... Otherwise the idea just blows...


Somewhat funny... I was kinda left with my mouth hanging though... I didn't understand what was going on... and my little sister in the back was crying when she saw Santa fall over... hehe I laughed after that...

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