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can you say seizures?

yeah i couldnt see anything cuz of all the flashes.

LgdVegetto responds:

That simply says your mind is too weak to catch up.


First submission in awhile... Anyway...
I think Final Fantasy deserves better then this.. The other crap fits in though.

omg that poor little yellow thingy!

That poor little yellow thing was so cute and he had the smash it into the sky. :(
He deserved the get kicked by that big furry yellow thing. Good movie too.


I thought the only way another Zombie could turn a human into a Zombie was by eating their brain? Isn't the whole bite the arm a werewolf thing? Oh well, good movie nonetheless.

Its ok...

But I really don't know why it has such high of a mark and frontpage... All it is, is mostly sprites duking it out... I saw some from other games like Megaman and Starcraft and probably a ton of other games with Rob Zombie background... It isn't bad for sprites but it definetely doesn't deserve frontpage or such a high score.

Its pretty good...

Your number one fault is your voice acting and syncing... Your guys mouths are moving when they aren't talkin, and sometimes are talking but there mouths aren't moving. I have to admit, when the two people started fighting and the main character got punched and ripped off his shirt I laughed quite a bit.


You have some awesome talent for making things funny, because this had me laughing so much! It's the funniest thing I have seen all day! My favourite part was with the 3d glasses, how the hell do you come up with these things!!? Keep up the good work, and make a Part 2!


ALL MY 5'S R BELONG TO YOU!!! This is the greatest flash ever! I cried myself laughing! Even though it's Al's song you made it 5 times funnier with your imagery! I LOVE YOU! Make another plz!

What are you people thinking?

With animation skill like that, you could be making a video that truly deserves #1! But you waste it on this garbage... It's just sad... And shame on the people from NG for putting it on the frontpage and encouraging people to make more stupid movies, SHAME! It gets a passing grade though... Only because it is slightly funny and the song is kinda catchy, but without the graphics this would of got a 3. For newgrounds sake please put this talent to better use!

Fuckin Awesome

The craziest fucking Sonic presentation I have ever seen, could of used some work on the sound fx though. Great animation.

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